Office Hours and Class Schedule                                                                                            

Tysons Corner    Open weekdays 2-9 pm
   > ELE Master exam prep Day-9 on Monday: 6-9 pm           > VA Class-A Business exam prep Day-4: 6-10 pm


  Open every Wednesday 3:30 pm for VA contractor’s Business exam prep: 4-8 pm.  
> You may join any Wednesday for the repeated course (4-8 pm).                                             Please click here for class details and location
  > Master/Journeyman Plumbing 6 night exam prep just started, every Wed.(6-9 pm), seats are available.

  > VA Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) exam prep (2 nights) start from 22nd (6-10 pm), seats are available.      VA Residential BLD Contractor (RBC) exam prep (12 hours) start from 24th (9-1).

  > EPA Lead RRP (Repair, Remodeling, & Painting) one-day Certification on 24th (9-4), seats are available.

  > Master/Journeyman HVAC 10 night exam prep on every Tuesday & Friday(6-9 pm). 

    All above M/E/P exam prep including the Class Certificate – valid to VA DPOR Vocational Training Hours.

  ♦ New class location in Centreville:  Classes will be held in the Centreville Labor Resource Center (CLRC) – Brian will greet you every Wednesday from 3 pm. 


VA Continuing Education

 > New Year Note: Good discount applicable to have classroom CE of 2 or more registrations-10% or more.

CE HVAC Class Online ($34)

CE HVAC Class In-Class ($89)

CE ELE Class Online ($34)

CE ELE Class In-Class ($89)

CE Plumbing Online ($34)

CE Plumbing In-Class ($89)

CE Fuel Gas Class Online ($25)

CE Fuel Gas In-Class ($45)

On-Line Home Study Courses*

*Please e-mail or call (703)298-5789 to register.  Restrictions apply.

 VA Residential Building Contractor Exam Prep

 VA Class-A Contractor Home Study Course

Teaching young contractors!   We welcome great teachers and new course ideas.  Great P/T opportunity.  E-mail:    Our Tysons location has 5 classrooms available.

 Please contact or call (571)339-9272 for any technical problems or VA DPOR reporting questions.