15. Blueprint Reading and BLD Code Basics – Tysons, 18 hours


Blueprint Reading and Building Code Basic  – 6 nights in Centreville

             for Residential & Commercial Construction

Want the ability to read and understand construction drawings and Specifications?

Want understand the Codes in Residential and Commercial projects clearly?

Six (6) nights for basic mastery class demonstrates;

Part-1 Blueprint Reading – 6 hours (2 nights)

Part-2 Residential Codes basic – 6 hours (2 nights)

Part-3 Commercial Codes basic – 6 hours (2 nights)

Class in Spanish to Start: Late May (every Wednesday).            Class in English: planned in late Spring (in Tysons location)

Class hours: 6-9 pm (18 hours)               Class cost: $395 (with all 3 textbooks and copies in each class)

Class at Centreville location

Description: Designed to provide proper knowledge of blueprint reading as it relates to the architectural or building construction industry. This course gives the student the ability to read floor plans, elevations drawings, symbols, and notations to obtain the pertinent information needed. Additional topics covered include scaling, dimensioning and emphasis residential codes and construction methods. 

Product Details


Three (3) textbooks are included in your tuition.  ”Blueprint Reading” has below details:  Chapter 1 : Blueprint Standards,  Chapter 2 : Blueprints and Constructional Drawings : A Universal Language,  Chapter 3 : Understanding Line Types,  Chapter 4 : Understanding Dimensions,  Chapter 5 : Types of Views,  Chapter 6 : Layout of Construction Drawings,  Chapter 7: Understanding Industrial Blueprints,  Chapter 8 : The Meaning of Symbols,  Chapter 9 : Understanding Schedules,  Chapter 10 : Interpreting Specifications,  Chapter 11 : Building Codes and Barrier-Free Design,  Chapter 12 : Construction Business Environment

The cost of the class: $395 (includes 3 textbooks).