Happy Summer Learning – for Licensing

We are fully committed to supporting all our courses with remote instructions through the challenges prevented by COVID-19.

  All of our courses are GUARANTEED:

  • We know how to help you pass the PSI exams easily.
  • We can help you with tricky exam contents, which have failed you.
  • Nationwide companies’ general topics cannot beat us who dedicatedly covers VA/MD.

We’re proud of the consistently highest pass rate for 20+ years:

  • GUARANTEEs for 3 MOs and 6 MOs for all exam prep courses for CONTRACTOR and TRADESMAN, respectively
  • COVID-19 may be a chance to turn a misfortune into a blessing.
  • Take a class to help you pass and get a better job.

Register On-Line

September Class Schedule Classes are ONLINE Zoom virtual class, or Classroom (w/ social distance). 

Note to ONLINE ClassesRegister in advance (7 days min.) to allow time for class material to mail (or pick up at Tysons office before class night). 

  • Plumbing Master/Journeyman 3-day expedite exam prep from Monday, Nov. 1st (1-6:30 pm) at Tysons location, guarantee for 6 months. Register You still can join the course, stop by to pickup all class material, before the class. 
  • A Commercial BLD Contractor (CBC) fall exam prep by 2-ways to study: 5-night online virtual Zoom or 3-day expedited exam prep from Nov. 15th at Tysons. Registe 
  • HVAC Master/Journeyman exam prep 21 hour by 2-schedules; 4-day expedite at Tysons, or 7-night online virtual zoom just started (every Tuesday 5-8 pm). Register
  •  VA Class-A/B Business exam prep by 2-ways; expedite 3-day exam prep from Oct. 25th ( 1-6 pm) at Tysons, or online virtual zoom for guaranteed class. Register
  • VA Residential BLD Contractor (RBC) exam prep by 2-ways to study; 2-day expedite on Nov. 17th & 18th at Tysons, or 4-night online virtual Zoom from Nov. 5th (every Friday, 4-7 pm)Register
  • Electrical Master/Journeyman 10-night summer online virtual exam prep underway, w/ guarantee for 6 months. Register 
  • VA Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) exam prep by 2-ways to study: 2-day expedite at Tysons (1-6pm), or 3-night online virtual Zoom class exam prep from Nov. 2nd (6-9 pm).  Register 
  • MD MHIC 6-hour exam prep course; one-day expedite class on Friday, Oct. 22nd (11-5) in Tysons, for guaranteed class. Register
  • GasFitter Master/Journeyman expedite exam prep 2-days at Tysons (w/ guarantee for 6 months). Register 
  • EPA/CFC Certification 4-day exam prep (3 night class + TEST in our facility) online virtual Zoom from Oct. 21st (5-8 pm). Register  
  •  Fire Alarm Nationwide Certification; 10-night exam prep in Tysons will restart soon, every Wednesday (5-8 pm)
  • Learning the Basic HVAC targeting CFC Certification; 120 hour guaranteed course (incl. EPA 608 certification) every Thursday (5-8 pm) Register Also, the same Basic HVAC in Spanish just started every Tuesday. 
  • Intensive & Basic Blueprint Reading (+Code Basics) 8-day online Zoom virtual course, every Mon. & Thurs. (4-7 pm)  Register  Good Course for whom  to be a General Contractor (RBC/CBC) Specialties (as prerequisite).
  • Learning the Basic ELE; 120 hour for good jobs demands, soon Register

IN-PERSON Classroom

  • EPA Lead RRP (Repair, Remodeling, Painting); one-day Certification seminar planned to November (9:00-4:30) for getting the completion Certificate on the same day. Register
  • Nationwide Commercial BLD Inspector (B2) exam prep 12-night course start from November (6-9 pm) every Tuesday.

◊ All above M/E/P Journeyman exam prep courses require 10 years experience – our Vocational Training (max. 240 hours) can fulfill some of this requirement (up to 6 years compensated by the training).
◊ VA Contractor’s classes include Refresher/exam review (after completion of contractor’s class, and before your PSI test) on every Monday & Thursday (11-5 pm), please bring your registration copy (within 3 months of course completion).

Office Location & Hours

Tysons/Falls Church (main office)

Sterling-lab (Temp. closed)

Centreville (Temp. closed)


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Office Building

 Our response to COVID-19, Classes ONLINE.   Now (Almost) all Courses are ONLINE available! 

 9,500+ Clients for more than 20 Years prove we can help you!          Build Your Career!                           

♦ Authorized 30 courses Training Provider by VA DPOR for contractor and tradesmen educations.
♦ Authorized Vocational Training (V/T) Provider by VA DPOR for M/E/P required experience (years) maximum 240 hours (credit of 6 years).
♦ Authorized by NATE(North American Technician Excellence) Recognized Training Provider.

Do you need qualifying HVAC/ELE/PLB Journeyman license, but have less than 10 year experience?

  • We offer Vocational Training (VT) every week – qualified by VA DPOR (for minimum 4 years experience)
  • Qualify Master, after one year of Journeyman.
  • Please call or visit us to show our schedule.

We at Ace Tech have been Virginia Board for Contractors Approved Tradesman Formal Vocation Training Providers for more than 12 years.

Our Mailing Service

We will mail your class material (by USPS), if your registration is at least a week in advance of the class date. Previewing the class material will be a great way to familiarize yourself with the PSI exam topic.

Please contact wvAcetech@contractVA.com for any technical problems or VA DPOR reporting questions.

Teaching young contractors!; We welcome great teachers and new course ideas, including online lectures.
Great P/T opportunity.
E-mail: ContactUS@contractVA.com

Our Tysons location (3 classrooms) and 2 other(Sterling/Centreville) locations (6-7 classrooms) have many more spacious classes available.