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VA Class-A Business exam prep EXPEDITE 3-day daytime class in Tysons

By |2020-11-26T20:27:58-05:00November 19th, 2020|News|

This fast-track course is designed for those who cannot attend our regular Class-A Package Course (2 1/2 wk) and complete in a week period.  This class on daytime hours (11-4).
> We like to guarantee your PSI exam to pass, after 15 hour course.
If you do not feel comfortable with these short class, we recommend you enroll in our normal VA Class-A Business Exam Prep Package Course – monthly regular 5-evening (4-7 pm) classes start from August 3 – every Monday and Thursday (w/ the same cost).

Course as hybrid system: Recorded class, plus Q&A session in the end (Classrooms are spacious, limit 6 in the room) – 3 days.

Price: $465 (incl. Prelicensing Certificate), or $395 (without Prelicensing Certificate)

Tysons – Expedite11/23, 24 & 25 (3-days)1-6 pm Spacious Classroom – limit 6.
    Recorded class, plus live Q&A


VA Class A/B Online (Business) Exam Prep Course – with Prelicensing

By |2020-11-26T21:05:55-05:00November 19th, 2020|News|

Since 1999, we have helped more than 9,000 clients become licensed in both Virginia and Maryland.  
Ace Tech’s Exam Prep Service offers;
 > Contractor’s License exam preparation,                           > (M/E/P) Tradesman exam preparation,
 > Vocational Training (for tradesman qualification),        > (M/E/P) Continue Education, and
 > All course exam reference materials.
There are many contractor exam preparation schools advertised on the website. Many are West coast companies with no physical offices or classrooms in our area.  Minimum 3 locations nearby us (including one of them fired from us), taken our course then running business with our class material (w/o own construction experience).  You may get some help for the test, but still far from real exam contents.
Course Fee: now $465 (COVID-19 Special) including all material for passing the PSI test. No additional charge for two months after the course completion date based on our Guarantee policy.

A Certificate of 8-hours Prelicensing requirement is included.

Please note:  Clients pay the PSI testing fee ($85 for Class-A) while scheduling the PSI test- Business exam (as below details)

Our Guaranteed Package Course has been proclaimed by many of our successful clients to be the best time-saving shortcut to becoming a licensed Class-A contractor and tradesmen qualifications.

The Package Course covers both “VA mandatory 8-hour Prelicense class” and “Class-A Exam Prep Course”  through a total of 15 hours (for the 3 parts of PSI test).

Method of classDaysClass hoursPrice       Notes
A. Expedite @Tysons11/23, 24 & 251-6 pm$465    Recorded class, plus live Q&A
  vs.     (3-days)  Spacious Classrooms – limit to 6 seats each room.
B. Online Zoom12/3, 8, 10, 15 & 174-7 pm$465    Take the class from anywhere. 
   (5-evenings)  Zoom access practice before class.

We will contact you, after your registration.

VA Contractor Prelicensing Education

By |2020-11-20T20:38:33-05:00November 19th, 2020|News|

The following information pertains to the VA DPOR Board’s approved 8-hour Pre-license education class.

Contractors applying for initial licensure must successfully complete an 8-hour business class approved by the VA Board for Contractors.

Please refer to the VA’s NEW RULE (since 2012) that requires you to pass technical Specialty Exam.

The Pre-licensing (or Remedial) Certificate will be issued in the name of an individual, not the company.   When Ace tech (ATI) submits the completion of the education record of an individual to VA DPOR, the certificate is placed on the individual’s records.  The individual then should be properly associated with the company in DPOR’s computer database. 

–      You will learn the steps for contractor licensing, basic business running information, and PSI exam preparation information in detail.

–      Ace Tech will report your Pre-Licensing class completion to VA DPOR within 3 business days

–      All required personal information will be sent to the Virginia Board of Contractors for approval and recording of your certificate.

You will need your completion certificate print upon successful completion of the class.

You may complete at your own pace over the next 30 days.  You have unlimited access to the course during the 30 days after registration to complete the course.

We encourage you to download/print the relevant information provided in your course free of charge.

Your Prelicensing Instructor(s) available by email at contactUS@contractVA.com for any specific technical questions.  We have the right to waive any liability on the technical answers.

Fall Class Online Schedule 2020

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Rebuild VA Grant Fund

By |2020-11-04T21:14:42-05:00October 30th, 2020|News|

Rebuild VA Grant Fund (Rebuild VA) has expanded its eligibility criteria to allow more small businesses and nonprofits to apply.

Any small business or nonprofit with $10,000,000 or less in gross revenue OR 250 or fewer employees may now apply.

How to Apply Reminders

  • Prepare yourself by reading the information on this page and consulting the application guide carefully before starting the application
  • Download the Virginia substitute form W-9; complete and upload it with your other documents
    • must be filled out completely
    • must match the information on the application
    • must be signed
    • the W-9 must include a DUNS Number
    • consult the W-9 example to complete your W-9
  • Electronically format all supporting documents, and be ready to upload them before starting your application
  • Applicants can check application status by logging into their application account
  • Applications that are missing documents may take longer than 21 business days to review

Read More: Rebuild! VA

Job related Summer courses – may change your career promoted

By |2020-11-04T21:04:02-05:00July 7th, 2020|News|

GOOD NEWS – Four (4) Job Generating Summer Courses Online

All these courses are excellent to promote your job opportunity (esp., HVAC and ELE) – start from this month;

  1. HVAC Basic 120/240 hrs. (VA DPOR recognized) from 23rd.
  2. (VA) Home Inspection prelicensing 36 hrs. (VA DPOR recognized) from 31st.
  3. Blueprint Reading & Code Basics 27 hrs. from Aug. 4.
  4. Electrical Basic 120/240 hrs. (VA DPOR recognized) from mid-Aug.

All courses applied COVID-19 Special rates (until August).  Main text material included.

All classes will be online first (possible lab-study when the virus down).  Class completion Certificate issued.

We have a list of employers who are looking for hiring qualified students (by Ace Tech).

Your Job promoting courses – 4 courses in Summer Special

By |2020-11-04T21:14:52-05:00July 7th, 2020|News|

Due to the recent events about the (COVID-19), We will start offering more options to ease the effects of this event.
With your registration, you will receive all the class material by mail, a guarantee period of 6 months of classes (can join your class anytime you decide). Also, we have available 3 spacious locations. (At this time we can sit no more than 9 clients)

There are TWO ways to take your class (during the COVID-19 threat):

  1. Online – Attend class remotely from anywhere (7-day advance registration required – class materials will be sent via USPS mail.  Access codes will be sent you by email a day before class start)
  2. In-Person –  join us in one of three comfortable classrooms.

GOOD NEWS – More Funding Provided For Fairfax Small Business Grant Program (9/16/2020)

The Board of Supervisors will use federal CARES Act funds to aid any remaining businesses that applied and are eligible for grants.    Additional funding for the Fairfax RISE grant program will help other eligible small businesses and nonprofits. (Shutterstock)

FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA  Additional funding for the Fairfax Relief Initiative to Support Employers (RISE) grant program will provide grants to remaining eligible businesses and nonprofits that applied. On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors approved up to $12 million for the program. The Town of Vienna is providing $1 million as well.

To date, the grant program’s total funding totals $58 million. All funding has come from the county’s portion of federal CARES Act funds. Grants do not have to be repaid.

GOOD NEWS – Four (4) Job Generating Summer Courses Online

All these courses are excellent to promote your job opportunity (esp., HVAC and ELE) – start from this month;

  1. HVAC Basic 120/240 hrs. (VA DPOR recognized) from 23rd.
  2. (VA) Home Inspection pre-licensing 36 hrs. (VA DPOR recognized) from 31st.

Contractor/Tradesmen exam prep Classes ONLINE

By |2020-11-04T21:07:20-05:00June 6th, 2020|News|

Now we have a dozen of PSI exam prep courses converted ONLINE virtual Zoom.

Our clients can join the class anywhere and pass the PSI exam (after completion).

We mail the class material in advance (minimum a week prior registration), or picking up at out Tysons/Falls Church office (open 10-6 weekdays).

Please note that all prices for your discount applicable (in COVID-19).

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