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Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Vocational Training

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  Briefly, you have 3 major benefits after completion of minimum 120 training hours on HVAC; You have a strong chance of a good job (semi-skilled) – we have a list of employers who need medium level technicians. You will pass the EPA CFC/608 certification guaranteed to pass. State of VA licensing board will give you credit of 4/6 years’ experience depending on your training completed (120/240 hours), when you apply journeyman qualifications. As attached below, we are planning the HVAC Basic online Zoom course continue every Thursdays (4-7 pm). Also the ELE Basic to re-start from early September.  We also like the hands-on lab class [...]

EPA Lead RRP 8 hr Certification Course – nationwide

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Avoid $37,500 (max.) EPA fines and get lead RRP certified. Sign up for classes today! One-Saturday class and getting the Certificate on the same day – nationwide acceptance. As of 2010, federal law requires that contractors who perform renovation, repairs and painting jobs in pre-1978 housing MUST be certified and use lead-safe work practices. To comply,contractors must be certified and must follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. The rule will affect paid renovators who work in pre-1978 housing and child-occupied facilities. Next Class – Late October (Sat. 9-4), or November (Sat. 9-4), depending on the COVID-19 diminish. Become an EPA Lead RRP Certified Renovator.  (this is for nationwide) You [...]

Blueprint Reading and BLD Code Basics – Online virtual Zoom 24-hrs.

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Blueprint Reading and Building Code Basic (Zoom virtual)   total 8-evening (4 weeks, every Tuesday & Thursday) Blueprint Reading is a series of 8 instructor-led classes via Zoom, totaling 24 hours of classroom time.  The class starts from basic concepts of blueprints, gradually introducing industry standards of architecture drawings, common practices and nomenclature.  Relationships between code requirements, construction methods, to how they are represented on blueprints are thoroughly explained.  Students are given homework after each class, and are encouraged to ask questions and give feedback.  The instructor tailors the lecture materials in each series to meet students’ needs.  The goal is to build [...]

Fire Alarm System NICET Certification Exam Prep 30 hr. Classroom Course

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Fire Alarm Class NICET I and II level certification Course Starting Date: planned  Dec. 2 (Wed., 5-8 pm) – Thanks for waiting for our rescheduling. Course hours:              Total 30 hours–10 Wed. nights  Class by:                       Tysons classroom (seating social distance under COVID-19) Instructor:                    Mr. Tye Muhammad Prerequisite:                Basic knowledge of electricity Class cost:                    $995 (includes 2 textbooks)                                        You can repeat the class free of charge total 6 months until you pass the exam. Text material:              NFPA 70 2014 , NFPA 72 2016 (included in the class cost) Here is a plan of [...]

VA Landscape Service Contractor (LSC) Exam Prep (ON-HOLD)

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VA LSC (Landscaping Service Contracting) Exam Prep – Restart        Hold until COVID-19 settled…   We are selling the package of the LSC exam test material (2 textbooks, plus class binder – includes PSI questions) for $235. You may like to pay additional $240 – when we open the class (3 nights) to join, while we don’t have the dates.   To be licensed for the VA landscape contractor, you must pass the LSC exam administered by the PSI in order to confirm that you have attained at least a minimum level of knowledge regarding the principles, practices, statutes, and regulations on [...]

VA Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) Specialty Exam Prep – online course

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To be LICENSED as VA HIC (Home Improvement), you need pass the HIC Part – administered by PSI – to confirm that you have attained at least a minimum level of knowledge regarding the principles, practices, statutes and regulations on Home Improvement. Pre-approval required for the Specialty exam – please refer to TABLE in bottom for the overall process, and below rule;  Effective 2016, all Specialty test will require pre-approval from DPOR prior to taking the examination. For more information please contact the Board for Contractors Licensing Section directly at (804) 367-8511.  You will get the copy of 3 page ‘Experience Verification‘ form to submit VA DPOR, while in our class. It has been [...]

Licencia de Contratista Clase A en VA en español en aula – 0nline (or, Tysons classroom))

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Desde 1999, hemos ayudado a más de 9,000 clientes a obtener la Licencia de Constructor en Virginia y Maryland. Los cursos de Preparación de Ace Tech Institute le ofrecen la Preparación para aprobar el Examen de Constructor, Seminarios Educacionales. Hay muchas escuelas e Institutos de preparación para pasar el examen de Constructor, incluso en el Internet. Pero muchas de estas compañías están ubicadas en la costa oeste y gastan varios miles de dólares cada mes en publicitar sus cursos, sin tener una ubicación física u oficina, ni salas de clase. Algunas proveen ayudas prácticas para practicar exámenes pero están lejos [...]

VA Class-A Business exam prep EXPEDITE 3-day daytime class in Tysons

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This fast-track course is designed for those who cannot attend our regular Class-A Package Course (2 1/2 wk) and complete in a week period.  This class on daytime hours (11-4). > We like to guarantee your PSI exam to pass, after 15 hour course. If you do not feel comfortable with these short class, we recommend you enroll in our normal VA Class-A Business Exam Prep Package Course – monthly regular 5-evening (4-7 pm) classes start from August 3 – every Monday and Thursday (w/ the same cost). Course as hybrid system: Recorded class, plus Q&A session in the end (Classrooms are spacious, limit 6 in the room) [...]

VA Class A Contractor License (Business) Course Online, without Pre-license

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Description This is a course for those who already completed the Pre-licensing. This course is identical to the 15 hour Virginia Class A contractor License (Business) Course with Pre-licensing but the fee is $70 cheaper.  Clients who took the 8-hour Prelicensing already will pay just $395, NOT $465. Since 1999, we have helped more than 9,000 clients become licensed in Virginia and Maryland. Ace Tech’s Exam Prep Service offers contractor’s license exam preparation, educational seminars, and reference materials. There are many contractor exam preparation schools and institutes advertised on the web. Many are West coast companies with no physical offices or classrooms in [...]

Virginia Class A/B Online (Business) Exam Prep Course VA – with Prelicensing

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Description Course Description Since 1999, we have helped more than 9,000 clients become licensed contractor in Virginia and Maryland.   Ace Tech’s Exam Prep Service offers;  > Contractor License exam preparation,                           > (M/E/P) Tradesman exam preparation,  > Vocational Training (for tradesman qualification),        > (M/E/P) Continue Education, and  > All course exam reference materials. There are many Virginia contractor license exam preparation schools advertised on the website. Many are West coast companies with no physical offices or classrooms in our area.  Minimum 3 locations nearby us (including one of them fired [...]

VA Contractor Pre-Licensing Course (required in all Class-A, B and C Licenses)

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Description Virginia Contractor’s Mandatory 8-hour Pre-license Education Registration: > Pleas note: You may NOT need taking this mandatory Prelicensing, if you choose our 15-hour Class-A/B Business exam prep package (that includes your Prelicensing Certificate). The following information pertains to the VA DPOR Board’s required 8-hour Pre-license education class.  Contractors applying for initial licensure must successfully complete an 8-hr business class approved by the VA Board for Contractors. The cost of the course is $119 (COVID-19 Special) if you register before the class day, or $129 if you pay/register on class-day. –      Supplying 150 page class binder for yours; Part-A (Introducing VA Contractor Licensing),   Part-B (Exam & Licensing Information),  Part-C (Lecture Session, [...]

VA Contractor’s Mandatory 8-hour Pre-licensing On-Line

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The following information pertains to the VA DPOR Board’s approved 8-hour Pre-license education class. Contractors applying for initial licensure must successfully complete an 8-hour business class approved by the VA Board for Contractors. Please refer to the VA’s NEW RULE (since 2012) that requires you to pass technical Specialty Exam. The Pre-licensing (or Remedial) Certificate will be issued in the name of an individual, not the company.   When Ace tech (ATI) submits the completion of education record of an individual to VA DPOR, the certificate is placed on the individual’s records.  The individual then should be properly associated with the company [...]

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