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Q: What if I miss a class?

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A: Many adult students miss a class because of work or other personal commitments. If you miss a class do not give up, you may be able to complete the course! Attend as diligently as your schedule permits and check course requirements for more information. No refunds or prorated fees are given for missed classes.

Q: What if a class is canceled?

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A: If a class meeting date is canceled by the instructor, the instructor will arrange to make up the missed classroom time with the class. If a class meeting date is canceled due to external events such as weather, the class will meet at the same time and the same location one week later – or at the next regularly-scheduled session unless we advise you differently.

Q: What if a class has already started? May I still register for it?

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A: If you have had some previous exposure to the subject you wish to learn, you may feel comfortable joining a class after it has started. There is no tuition remission for classes that you missed, and you will not be able to register on-line. Please email us contactUS@contractVAcom to enroll in a class that has already begun.

Q: What about BOOKS?

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A: The cost of the text is included with each class. Your book will be delivered to your classroom, or via USPS mail for online classes. There is no need to purchase books on your own.

B3. What is the difference between a contractor’s license in the Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Fairfax County?

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The Commonwealth of Virginia requires that if you are bidding on construction jobs in excess of $1,000, you must obtain a Virginia contractors license. Fairfax County has opted to impose an additional requirement – a Fairfax County Home Improvement License – on Class C contractors who perform work on residential property and who qualify by having the Home Improvement (HIC) or Building (BLD) classification on their State license.

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