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B3. What is the difference between a contractor’s license in the Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Fairfax County?

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The Commonwealth of Virginia requires that if you are bidding on construction jobs in excess of $1,000, you must obtain a Virginia contractors license. Fairfax County has opted to impose an additional requirement – a Fairfax County Home Improvement License – on Class C contractors who perform work on residential property and who qualify by having the Home Improvement (HIC) or Building (BLD) classification on their State license.

C4. Do you offering Maryland’s MHIC class?

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Yes, our Guaranteed one-day Seminar to pass the MHIC occurs every month (Sat. 1 pm to 8 pm) in Tysons location or every Wednesday (4-8 pm) in Silver Spring location. The fee for this course is $295 including all open-book text material, reference binder, and includes a 3-Month Guarantee. Please note that scheduling the test appointment takes 3 to 4 weeks, so advanced planning is highly recommended. Please send your payment check to: Ace Tech P.O. Box 3002 W. McLean VA 22103 (Check payable to: Ace Tech, including your return address, phone number and email address). After payment clears [...]

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