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15. Blueprint Reading and BLD Code Basics – Tysons/ Centreville




Blueprint Reading and Building Code Basic (in Tysons/Centreville)   total 6-nights 

             for Residential & Commercial Construction: start Feb. 4 (every Tuesday, 6-9 pm) – in Tysons.

  Class cost: $399 (with 2 textbooks; will pass you on first day of class)   

Want the ability to read and understand construction drawings and Specifications?
Want understand the Codes in Residential and Commercial projects clearly?
Six (6) nights for basic mastery class demonstrates; (may flexible depending on student’s interest)

    Part-1 Blueprint Reading – 6 hours (2 nights)
    Part-2 Residential Codes basic – 6 hours (2 nights)
    Part-3 Commercial Codes basic – 6 hours (2 nights)

Note: the class hours/contents may change by instructor’s decision based on the attended students’ interest.

Next class: 2/4 in Tysons (every Tuesday, 6-9 pm).                       

       Your 18-hour Class Completion Certificate will be issued.

Description: Designed to provide proper knowledge of blueprint reading as it relates to the architectural or building construction industry. This course gives the student the ability to read floor plans, elevations drawings, symbols, and notations to obtain the pertinent information needed. Additional topics covered include scaling, dimensioning and emphasis residential codes and construction methods. 

(Note: the copy of above “Building Code Basics- Residential” is out of print – another substitute material supply for now.)

More detailed  Class Description – by our Class Instructor;     

Blueprint Reading & Residential & Commercial Code class is a course that is designed to teach the foundational skills required for understanding construction documentation & the codes that are specific to the Northern Virginia, Maryland & Washington DC metropolitan areas jurisdictional criteria for the submission of permitted construction drawings.  Class curriculum will be variable based upon student specific requirements. Please feel free to bring any constructions documents for review that you may have questions about!

Course Material has been developed to help students understand the fundamentals of the following:

  1. Construction Drawings: In this portion of our class we will be learning about general construction drawing documentation, abbreviations & proper site documentation of existing conditions.
  2. Residential Building Codes: Beginner (& intermediate) level residential building codes & their documentation, what you can expect to find in a general notes section of a residential construction document set, common building practices & the details that support them. Basic site documentation set. Architectural conceptualization & engineering of common residential construction projects will be addressed in this portion of our class.
  3. Commercial Building Codes: Beginner (& intermediate) level commercial building codes, their required notation upon general construction documentation, notation & construction methodology for commercial constructs will be covered in this section. We will discuss theories & practices surrounding accessible design & its importance in all building practices.
  4. Technology & Green Building: The importance & utilization of state of the art technology & green building practices in residential & commercial design. Basic, intermediate & advanced project rendering & green building practices will be covered in this section.

       What to bring:   Graph paper    A pencil & eraser

       Optional:   1. Red, blue & green pens or pencils    2. Architectural & engineering scales     3. A tape measure & or laser measure

We greatly look forward to sharing our instructor’s accumulated real world knowledge with all whom are eager to learn & look forward to passing along the gift of design with all.