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Blueprint Reading and BLD Code Basics – Online virtual Zoom 24-hrs.


Good for your General Contractor specialties (CBC & RBC), as prerequisite – also, CIC & HIC specialties.

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       Your 24-hour Class Completion Certificate will be issued.

       Many of our past clients are saying the class is so good to know so broad topics of building technical issues. 

       Our Building (RBC/CBC) course instructor also strongly recommending this 8-night knowledge critical.

 Class cost: $499 (with 3 textbooks; expect your picking up, or please let us know if you are too far from Tysons)   


Blueprint Reading and Building Code Basic (Zoom virtual)   total 8-evening (4/5 weeks, every Tuesday & Thursday)

Blueprint Reading is a series of 8 instructor-led classes via Zoom, totaling 24 hours of classroom time.  The class starts from basic concepts of blueprints, gradually introducing industry standards of architecture drawings, common practices and nomenclature.  Relationships between code requirements, construction methods, to how they are represented on blueprints are thoroughly explained.  Students are given homework after each class, and are encouraged to ask questions and give feedback.  The instructor tailors the lecture materials in each series to meet students’ needs.  The goal is to build knowledge and confidence for each student to be proficient in blueprint reading.

Class cost: $499 (with 3 textbooks; expect your picking up, or please let us know if you are too far from Tysons)   

Want the ability to read and understand construction drawings and Specifications?
Want understand the Codes in Residential and Commercial projects clearly?
Eight (8) evenings for basic mastery class demonstrates; (may flexible depending on student’s interest)

    Part-1 Blueprint Reading – 6 hours (2 nights)
    Part-2 Residential Codes basic – 6 hours (2 nights)
    Part-3 Commercial Codes basic – 6 hours (2 nights)
    Part-4 Your job specific contents – 6 hours (2 nights)

Note: the class hours/contents may change by instructor’s decision based on the attended students’ interest.


No qualification required, but any person to involve the building industry – from Estimating, Bidding & Contract more professionally, w/o any plan & specification mis-interpretations.


Description: Designed to provide proper knowledge of blueprint reading as it relates to the architectural or building construction industry. This course gives the student the ability to read floor plans, elevations drawings, symbols, and notations to obtain the pertinent information needed. Additional topics covered include scaling, dimensioning and emphasis residential codes and construction methods. Now all online – to take your class from anywhere. 


All 3 books are included in your tuition ($499)                Course instructors (Sonnet and Tyler)



Your 24 hour class completion certificate will be issued.  Good reference to your Specialty qualifications. 

Refund Policy 
Upon your returning of unopened package in mail, the following percentage of the total package price is refundable:
Note: The cancellation schedule may not be applicable if your package has been opened or used. 

Cancel Dates Refundable Way of Refund
 14 days before the class day 75% Mailing the check in 3 weeks from your cancellation.
7 days before the class day 50% Mailing the check in 3 weeks from your cancellation.
  1 day before the class day 25% Mailing the check in 3 weeks from your cancellation.
Day of the class to start 0% Mailing the check in 3 weeks from your cancellation.


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