This NEW nationwide Certification course will be a good asset to utilize your commercial building experience.  The certification exam by International Code Council (ICC) to qualify applicable to every 50 states.

1) Having minimum commercial building experience – for the professional level to certify.

2) Passing the ICC Commercial Building Inspector (B2) exam, after our 36 hour course.

If you have experience with residential construction then the B1 (Residential Building Inspector Exam) may be where you start. The B1 references the IRC, International Residential Code. The code’s layout is similar to the way a building is constructed, from the bottom up. It is more intuitive than the IBC.  We also will open this B1 course early 2020.

If you have more experience with commercial construction, you my want to take the B2 (Commercial Building Inspector Exam). This exam references the IBC and either the concrete manual or the ACI 318. Like commercial buildings, this code is more complicated because commercial buildings can house many different use occupancies. Fire protection is key to a building that contains many varied uses.

There is no prerequisite for either exam, however a strong foundation in construction and familiarity with construction terminology is highly recommended.

Course fee: $1,195 (including 4 main exam textbooks)  at Tysons location.   Books included are; IBC codebook (2015), Concrete Manual, the Building Code Essentials, and the B2 commercial Building Inspector Study Guide.

Planned class dates are; mid-October (once/two days a week in turn).  Saturdays class hours are, 9-12.