Virginia Contractor’s Mandatory 8-hour Pre-license Education


The following information pertains to the VA DPOR Board’s required 8-hour Pre-license education class.  Contractors applying for initial licensure must successfully complete an 8-hr business class approved by the VA Board for Contractors.

The cost of the course is $129 if you register before the class day, or $139 if you pay/register on class day.

–      Supplying 150 page class binder for yours; Part-A (Introducing VA Contractor Licensing),   Part-B (Exam & Licensing Information),  Part-C (Lecture Session, by Video)

–      You will gain valuable information throughout the class, not only for the business basics but also for PSI exam.

–      Ace Tech will report your class completion to VA DPOR within 3 business days. 

–      All required personal information will be sent to the Virginia Board of Contractors for approval and recording of your  certificate.

    • Your Prelicensing Certificate will be valid permanent and no expiration, nor renewal.
  • You do not need to take this class if you are taking our 20 hours Class-A (& B) Business exam prep course as the Class A (& B) comes with the Prelicensing Certificate.

Class Schedule      

                   Date  Time   Class Location
Jan. 30 (Thurs.) w/ Spanish 2-9 pm Tysons (Falls Church)
Feb. 5 (Wed.) 2-9 pm Tysons (Falls Church)
Feb. 11 (Tues.) 2-9 pm Tysons (Falls Church)

Mike's Prelicensing

Please refer to the VA’s NEW RULE (since 2012) that requires you to pass technical Specialty Exam – all Class A, B and C licensing.

> Class-C Package Fee: $550 (both Home Improvement exam prep and mandatory 8-hour Prelicensing class) .    This price is valid only one payment, before start any of above class.  You have 3 months keep coming for the Home Improvement exam prep with NO further charges (Refer to VA HIC exam prep for the class schedule).

The Pre-licensing Certificate will be issued in the name of an individual, not the company.  Your license application form asking the company name, if you want the license issued under your company name.

When Ace Tech Institute (ATI) submits the completion of education record of an individual to VA DPOR, the certificate is placed on the individual’s records.  The individual then should be properly associated with the company in DPOR’s computer database. 

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