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Fast-Tract HVAC Master/Journeyman Exam Prep – Online/Classroom (VA, MD)




We have two types of Master and Journeymen HVAC Exam Prep. courses; Fast-Track 7 nights

> The Fast-Track course planned to re-start from September 24 (5-8 pm), every Thursday.  Class by virtual Zoom video.

This course is designed for those who want to study the mechanical code and/or prepare for the Virginia (and Maryland) state licensing examination. Topics covered include: administration, definitions, general regulations, ventilation, exhaust systems, duct systems, combustion air, chimneys/vents, specific appliances, fireplaces, solid fuel burning equipment, boilers, water heaters, pressure vessels, refrigeration, hydraulic piping, fuel oil piping, fuel oil storage, solar systems, and referenced standards.

Our instructors have extensive experience as well as teaching Journeyman/ Master HVAC licensing.

The Fast-Track Master/Journeyman Course consists of 21 classroom hours to help you pass your PSI Exam.  Our Guarantee Policy – You can keep coming to our classes for 6 months free of charge until you pass the PSI Exam. 

Todd Wise

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Online/virtual Zoom video


21 hours (7 nights)


Todd Wise


$775 (w/ IMC 2015 + class binder)


September 24 (5-8 pm) every Thursday


Guaranteed for 6 months (need your PSI exam result to re-join the course)

Online Zoom virtual class – You can study in any location.

Early registration is recommended, to mail your class material.

If you have 10 years experience in the field or have your HVAC Journeyman’s card for 1 year, you can obtain / sit for your HVAC license.

If you have less than 10 years in the field, please refer to web info from DPOR VA for information on obtaining your Journeyman’s license, or check the bottom table – we can match your experience by our Vocational hours.


Cost: $775 for fast-track 7 nights (includes 2015 IMC Codebook).    We recommend early registration to guarantee your class material mailed to you.

We accept all major credit cards.  Your company Purchase Orders are also welcome but please call us to register (703) 298-5789.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at contactus@contractva.com.

Thank you for the registration.  We look forward to seeing you in class!

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