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HVAC/EPA CFC Certification Prep & Exam – 9 hour Online prep+Test

$550.00 $399.00





3 night exam prep, plus 4th day (1/28) to take the test.

For Core, Type I, Type II, Type III, and Universal (all three types).

To become certified, you must pass a written or oral test consisting of multiple-choice questions. There are four sections to the test. The first is the Core, which must be passed, along with at least one of the three other sections. For heating, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians, the EPA has three levels of certification:

  • Type I – Small Appliances
  • Type II – High Pressure Appliances
  • Type III – Low Pressure Appliances

Proof of certification is required to purchase refrigerants covered by Section 608 regulations.

Instructor (and exam Proctor): Mr. Todd Wise

Class start: Jan. 7 (5-8 pm), and 2 more Thursdays.   Class by Online virtual Zoom.   Testing at our Tysons location (5-7 pm)

Class                   Hour              Class by               Note

Jan. 75-8 pmOnline ZoomExam prep-1
Jan. 145-8 pmOnline ZoomExam prep-2
Jan, 215-8 pmOnline ZoomExam prep-3
Jan. 284-6 pmTest @ Tysons

Seats may limited, please register today.

 Total Cost (incl. text material, classes, and test)  $399

Our cost including the exam book (Refrigerant Transition and Recovery Certification) and the CFC exam fee.










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