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Virginia Electrical License – Master/Journeyman ELE Exam Prep (VA and MD) – Online

$895.00 $795.00

Thanks to instructor (Mr. Dan Tran, PE), we have more than 90% passing rate past 12 years.

Next 10 night session from April 23 once & twice a week (5-8 pm), Monday & Friday.    5 Fridays + 5 Mondays, likely.

Cost: $795 (with total 6 month guarantee period).

The class textbook (& also to carry to PSI exam) included in your tuition ($795): Mike Holt’s Electrical Exam Preparation (based on the 2017 NEC).    We are expecting you have the 2017 NEC book (or buy from us).

Virginia Electrical License


Guaranteed Summer ELE Master/Journeyman exam prep (VA/MD/DC) (Virginia Electrical License ) – 30 hours!

We’ve had 90-95% passing rate for Virginia Electrical License/Master Electrician exam in 2019/20.

Virginia Electrical License – Master/Journeyman Exam Prep – Virtual Online/Classroom

Virginia Electrical License


Minimum 10 year field experience – for VA Journeyman qualification.
Minimum 1 year field experience after getting the Journeyman – for VA Master qualification.

There are Vocational Training (VT) requirement for whom the experience less than 10 years.  For example, you need 240 hour VT completed, when you have 4 year experience – to be qualified by VA DPOR (Licensing Board).

Virginia Electrical License


For qualifying the PSI exam, you need experience verification/ approval from State of Virginia Licensing Board (DPOR); please check the State website

If you have less than 10 years in the field, please refer to below chart – years of experience added by our Vocational Training (as VA DPOR qualified Vocational Training Provider).

Instructor: Mr. Dan Tran, PE

Our instructor(s) have long experienced as a PE (Professional Engineer) as well as experience teaching Journeyman/ Master Electrical licensing in VA and MD.

This Virginia Electrical License – Master/Journeyman Electrician Course consists of 30 classroom hours to help you pass the PSI Exam.

You can keep coming to our classes (after submitting the PSI exam result) for up to 6 months free of charge until you pass the PSI Exam.

Please contact us if you have less than 10 year experience – to match by Vocational Training Hours (as attached in the bottom table)

Thank you for the registration.  We look forward to seeing you in class!

Virginia Electrical License


1. Course Warranty
Total 6 month guarantee period applied – Let’s say, you took our January class – then your registration is valid until June.
Rejoin the course (after your PSI exam result submitted) for another 21 hour course (no charge).

2. Refund Policy 
Upon your returning of unopened package in mail, the following percentage of the total package price is refundable:
Note: The cancellation schedule may not be applicable if your package has been opened or used. 

Cancel Dates Refundable Way of Refund
 14 days before the class day 75% Mailing the check in 3 weeks from your cancellation.
7 days before the class day 50% Mailing the check in 3 weeks from your cancellation.
  1 day before the class day 25% Mailing the check in 3 weeks from your cancellation.
Day of the class to start 0% Mailing the check in 3 weeks from your cancellation.

Virginia Electrical License


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