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MD MHIC License, Maryland Contractor License Exam Prep Course: One-day in Tysons, or Online class

$355.00 $295.00


MD MHIC (Maryland Home Improvement Contractor)  License Exam Prep

Home improvement work includes alteration, remodeling, repair or replacement of a building or part of a building used as a residence. Home improvement also includes work done on individual condominium units.

   MHIC License exam text-book upgraded;  6th Edition w/ many changes.

Class Cost: $295 (incl. exam book above, and 3 month guarantee policy, no pay keep coming).

The Maryland Home Improvement Contractor License (MHIC) Exam is an open-book test with 55 questions to answer in 150 minutes.  70% of the questions (39 questions) must be answered correctly to pass.

Ace Tech is proud of client passing rate of over 90% for the past 20 years.
We have weekly (Saturday morning) class via virtual Zoom video class.

If you did not pass the exam, then you must wait for 30 days until you can reapply. Any subsequent requests cannot be made until 60 days have passed. You must pay the exam fee each time.  This is why you like to pass in the first time, right after our 6 hour course, guaranteed.


Two type of class schedule –  A or B

  >A. One day 6-hour (11-5) classroom, to complete PSI exam to pass. In Tysons location – two spacious classrooms w/ social distance sitting.  Q&A live in the end.   Complimentary pizza lunch prepared.      

DateDay11 am-5 pm 
Dec. 4FridayRecorded class, w/ live Q/A 
Dec. 22TuesdayRecorded class, w/ live Q/A 
Jan. 15 (2021)FridayRecorded class, w/ live Q/A 

   You can keep joining for 3 months  – based on our Guarantee policy.   (Your PSI exam result required in each time re-joining online class).

Note: Clear and detailed experience description in PSI test application(Page-3, minimum 2 years) can expedite your exam application process. 

  >B. Two Friday evenings (4-7 pm), to complete 2 parts (total 6 hours). Online Zoom virtual class – Study at home.  We will contact you before class day, for your Zoom access testing.

DateDay4-7 pm
Dec. 11FridayPart-1
Dec. 18FridayPart-2
Jan. 8, 2021FridayPart-1

class-6Please contact us contactUS@contractVA.com for details.

Please note that  appointment with PSI for MD MHIC License Exam can take 1 to 2 weeks – we recommend you make the exam appointment before enrolling with us (please check www.psiexams.com for the testing and appointment information).

We will send all text material and application information by USPS upon your registration and payment processing. We need at least a week in advance class date. You can register by phone (703) 298-5789, or in person at our Tyson’s Corner office weekdays 10am-5pm, or online.
The test – by PSI Exam:  All PSI facilities are closed until the end of April, 2020 – further information will be followed.Exams are administered by PSI and can be scheduled online or by calling PSI EXAMINATION SERVICES (800) 733-9267Want to know more about the exam?  
Please click here for the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin
Please see below MHIC regulation as these are part of PSI exam questions.
Penalties for NOT Having MHIC License
[the penalty numbers are in the TEST]
                 Number of Conviction(s)                             Max. Fine                                  Max. Imprisonment
     1st Conviction                                $1,000                               6 months
2nd or more Conviction               $5,000                             2 years


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