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Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Vocational Training


Industry wants semi-skilled person w/ our 120 hour completions.

Vocational Training that emphasizes skills and knowledge required for a particular job function or a trade (such as HVAC or Electrical)

Online class Language Location Start Days Hour
HVAC English Online every month  Thursdays 5-8 pm
HVAC Spanish Online      
ELE English Online      

Regular Cost $780 per every 40 hours – including one book (in each of every 80 hour session)

Special Cost $660 (COVID-19) per every 40 hours – including one book (in each of every 80 hour session)

Your VA DPOR Vocational Training Certificates are issued every 120 hours.

Briefly, you have 3 major benefits after completion of minimum 120 training hours on HVAC;

  1. You have a strong chance of a good job (semi-skilled) – we have a list of employers who need medium level technicians.
  2. You will pass the EPA CFC/608 certification guaranteed to pass.
  3. State of VA licensing board will give you credit of 4/6 years’ experience depending on your training completed (120/240 hours), when you apply journeyman qualifications.

As attached below, we are planning the HVAC Basic online Zoom course continue every Thursdays (4-7 pm). Also the ELE Basic to re-start from early September.  We also like the hands-on lab class to start (depending on the Virus status) soon. If not, we will add one more night weekly.

As everybody has problems with COVID-19, we have a temporary good pricing (about 15% lower than normal).  More pre-payments will be an advantage before regular pricing.


Hiring Mechanicsmep

Finding a good job position through your licensing is our GOAL of services.

You may pass the nationwide EPA/CFC exam – after our 120 hours.

Vocational Training and Continuing Education Providers
(18VAC50-30-200. Vocational Training. Part VI)
Vocational training courses must be completed through accredited colleges, universities, junior and community colleges; adult distributive, marketing and formal vocational training as defined in this chapter; Virginia.
Ace Tech have been the training, since 2009.

Please refer VA Individual Tradesmen Licensing Regulations below (and the VT hours in the bottom of this page);

Notice from Virginia Board for Contractors – Approved Tradesman Formal Vocation Training Providers

The following educational provider has been approved by the Board for Contractors to conduct the formal vocational training that must be completed as a prerequisite to licensure as a Virginia journeyman tradesman. The Board for Contractors also accepts as formal vocational training courses in the trades administered at accredited educational facilities, such as Virginia Community Colleges and technical schools associated with Virginia local school divisions.

Ace Tech Institute (formerly Millennium)

 Students completing 200/240 hours ELE Vocational Training (November, 2014)

ELE: 240 hours

PLB: 40 hours HVAC: 40 hours

PLB: 80 hours HVAC: 80 hours

PLB: 160 hours HVAC: 160 hours

PLB: 240 hours HVAC: 240 hours

Class Location;7777 Leesburg Pike, Suite 207s, Tysons Corner, VA 22043 Web: Phone: 703.298.5789


We, Ace Tech Institute, are the Vocational Training program provider in VA. Year-round programs continued for the training based on individual training hours earned (40/80/120/160/240 hours).

The class for all basic and code instruction with issuing the class completion every 40 hours (cost $780 per 40 hours, including text material).

Instructor Introduction

Todd Wise (HVAC)
Mr. Todd Wise has over 30 years of experience in the HVAC/Property Management field and has taught HVAC, Plumbing and Gas courses in Virginia, D.C. and Maryland for over 25 years.He is a CFM (Certified Facility Manager) who also holds:

  • Virginia State Masters HVAC License • Virginia State Masters Plumbing License
  • Virginia State Master Gas Fitter License • Maryland First Class Steam License
  • Maryland Master HVAC License • LEED Accredited Professional Certification / BD+C
  • D.C. Third Class Steam License • N.I.U.L.P.E. Second Class Engineer License
  • Universal Refrigeration Technician License • ICE Certification for HVAC
  • IFMA CFM • OSHA Safety Certification
  • VA Real Estate License

Finding a good job position through your licensing is our GOAL of services.


1. Course Warranty
Total 6 month guarantee period applied – Let’s say, you took our January class – then your registration is valid until June.
Rejoin the course (after your PSI exam result submitted) for another 21 hour course (no charge).

2. Refund Policy 
Upon your returning of unopened package in mail, the following percentage of the total package price is refundable:
Note: The cancellation schedule may not be applicable if your package has been opened or used. 

Cancel Dates Refundable Way of Refund
 14 days before the class day 75% Mailing the check in 3 weeks from your cancellation.
7 days before the class day 50% Mailing the check in 3 weeks from your cancellation.
  1 day before the class day 25% Mailing the check in 3 weeks from your cancellation.
Day of the class to start 0% Mailing the check in 3 weeks from your cancellation.
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