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Plumbing License Exam Prep Online, or expedite course VA/MD/DC

Original price was: $955.00.Current price is: $855.00.

Instructor, Todd Wise, had taught the classes more than 25 years.



Plumber Licensing Exam Prep – Master/Journeyman 6-day (18-hour) online virtual course  – participate from anywhere with internet access.
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Virtual Interactive Course via Zoom)
6-day online Zoom class w/ instructor starting date To Be Announced for 6 Tuesdays (6-9 pm)

Learn Valuable Exam-Passing Skills from Mechanical Instructor, Mr. Todd Wise who has more than 25 years of experience in teaching.

Below as brief daily outlines of class schedule:
Day 1: Review of DPOR / PSI paperwork / introduction to the code book and practice test
Day 2: Practice test
Day 3: Practice test
Day 4: Plumbing exam test
Day 5: Practice test / final exam
Day 6: Final exam review and highlighting code book


Plumbing Master/Journeyman class

  • Class cost: $855 (includes 2018 IPC, and partial exam copies)
  • Guarantee Period of 6 months for retake
  • For applicants with a few years of plumbing experience who need instructions on codes and technical issues.

Thank you for the registration.  We look forward to seeing you in class!!






Are you interested in passing the PSI exam for the Plumbing Master/Journeyman at one try?  Ace Tech (Millennium) is the perfect choice to turn your dream into a reality. We provide the exam passing skills you need to become the Licensed Professional in the Plumbing industry.

All you have to do is attend just 6 nights Zoom virtual online instructions (18 hours) – Guaranteed!  You can keep coming to our classes for 6 months free of charge until you pass the PSI exam.



Minimum 10 year field experience – for VA Journeyman qualification.
Minimum 1 year field experience after getting the Journeyman – for VA Master qualification.

There are Vocational Training (VT) requirement for whom the experience less than 10 years.  For example, you need 240 hour VT completed, when you have 4 year experience – to be qualified by VA DPOR (Licensing Board).



To see if you meet the experience, vocational training and education requirements for the Journeyman’s license, please click below, see #14.

If you have less than 10 years in the field, please refer to below (bottom) chart – years of experience added by our Vocational Training (as VA DPOR qualified Vocational Training Provider).



We need to verify your payment/registration receipt and PSI test result before you can rejoin classes.

Six (6) months for Tradesman License:

  • We will not charge you any extra fees if you’re within the guaranteed period
  • Retake the course if you fail the exam if you’re within the guaranteed period

You will need to repay a partial amount to join classes again after the guarantee has expired. We can give you a 25% discount from the original price.

We apologize, but there will NOT be discounts after 12 months from the initial registration.

Necesitamos verificar su registro y su pago antes de volver a las clases.

Seis (6) meses para todos los cursos de la preparación de los exámenes HVAC/ELE/PLB/GAS:

  • No le cobraremos ningún costo adicional
  • Retomar las clases si de algún caso falla el examen

Es posible que necesite que volver a pagar una parte del precio. Le quitaremos el 25% del precio original.

Pedimos disculpas, pero no habrá descuentos después de 12 meses de su primer registro.

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