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VA Contractor Class-A Business exam EXPEDITE 2-night class




Course Description

This fast-track course is designed for those who cannot attend all 4-5 nights of our regular Class-A Package Course and are familiar to the exam topics.  We recommend that if you decide to enroll in the Expedited Package Course you should be knowledgeable of the following topics on the Class-A exam:
> business basics; bidding and estimating; contract issues; job-site management and OSHA regulations; tax and labor laws.
If you do not feel comfortable with these exam topics, we recommend you enroll in our normal VA Class-A Business Exam Prep Package Course.

Course Dates: (Classrooms are spacious, limit 6 in the room)

April class: 23 & 24 (2-6 pm) in Tyson’s location
Price: $289 (incl. Class Binder, USBC copies, 2 handouts including all math questions)
                No textbook nor Prelicensing included: Need textbook ($354), need Prelicensing? (add $70). 
                No Guarantee period applicable (authorized as regular 4-5 night courses)

Since 1999, we have helped more than 8,000 clients become licensed both Virginia and Maryland.  
Ace Tech’s Exam Prep Service offers;
 > Contractor’s License exam preparation,
 > (M/E/P) Tradesman exam preparation,
 > Vocational Training (for tradesman qualification),
 > (M/E/P) Continue Education, and
 > All course exam reference materials.
There are many contractor exam preparation schools advertised on the web. Many are West coast companies with no physical offices or classrooms in our area.  Minimum 3 locations nearby us (including one of them fired from us), taken our course then running business with our class material (w/o own construction experience).  You may get some help for the test, but still far from real exam contents.
Our Course has been proclaimed by many of our successful clients to be the best time-saving shortcut to becoming a licensed Class-A contractor and tradesmen qualifications.


Please email us contactUS@contractVA.com if you have any questions.

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