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VA Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) Specialty Exam Prep – online course, or Expedite in Tysons


Please note the HIC exam (50q) is harder to pass than any other 38 Specialties – we have TWO sets the PSI questions for the test to pass.

Our monthly course (9 hours minimum) is available in TWO schedules:

Method of class Days Class Hours Fee Notes

      Online Virtual Course

(via Zoom)

June 22, 27, 28 Tu/Wed/Th

6-9 pm $525   Virtual Class – participate from anywhere with internet access
> We will email you with Zoom link on class days


 ◊ We will contact you for your Zoom test & access.      ◊ Expect to visit us 1-2 more evenings (Monday & Thursday, after class completed) to review Questions before your PSI exam.

 Note: this HIC exam should be very tough (actually toughest) exam for those clients who are looking for Class-C licensing.  One of the main reason is that of no prior PSI exam experience (which is very tricky), another one will be the scope of tests are so broad (even exam experienced clients).

Our 3 month (total) guarantee policy will be very helpful for passing the HIC exam, in the 2nd (or 3rd) time.



To be LICENSED as VA HIC (Home Improvement), you need pass the HIC Part – administered by PSI – to confirm that you have attained at least a minimum level of knowledge regarding the principles, practices, statutes and regulations on Home Improvement.

Pre-approval required for the Specialty exam – please refer to TABLE in bottom for the overall process, and below rule;
 Effective 2016, all Specialty test will require pre-approval from DPOR prior to taking the examination. For more information please contact the Board for Contractors Licensing Section directly at (804) 367-8511.  You will get the copy of 3 page ‘Experience Verification‘ form to submit VA DPOR, while in our class.

It has been reported that pre-approval can require anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

There are pre-qualification requirement by VA DPOR (Licensing Board) for your past experience; Class-A (5 years), Class-B (3 years) field trade experience.   For this HIC prequalification, you may include your Home Improvement, renovation, non-structural works in the Experience Verification form.

Any Responsible Management (Owner, Partners, Associates) or, field employee can take the test (after receiving VA DPOR approval letter/email).  If one of your employees take the test, the DPOR may require your employee’s W-2 for License Application.

The content of this “HIC Specialty exam” contains the function of your field knowledge and familiarity of specifications/regulations.





Course Fee: $525 (including two (2) main textbooks for passing the PSI test. No additional charge until you pass the test based on our Guarantee policy for 2 more months after the course completion date – need your PSI exam result copy to re-join the class).

> Class-C Package Fee: $624 (both Home Improvement exam prep (above) and mandatory 8-hour Prelicensing class)

  The class is held in English but the Class Instructor speaks Spanish also.

Requirements for Obtaining your License

 You must pass the HIC (Home Improvement) Exam to apply for the HIC classification.

 · The Virginia Home Improvement examination is required for anyone who wants to perform framing work on remodeling.

 · In addition, an 8 Hour Pre-Licensing Course is required to be completed to become licensed as a contractor.

 · Passing this exam is required for Virginia Class A, B, or C license.

 This contractor license includes repairs or improvements to one – family, two – family residential buildings or structures annexed to real property. This license also allows remodeling, repair, and improvement.

Reciprocity Agreements/ Continuing Education. As of this time, there is no reciprocal licensing. There are no continuing education requirements as of this time.

Exam Details

· The Home Improvement exam has 50 questions and a time limit of 120 minutes.

 · You must score 70% or higher to pass the exam.

 · Fees for the exams are $85 and this application fee is separate from your Class-A application.

 · Topics on the Examination include concrete; masonry; Painting and Wall; Drywall; Rough Carpentry and Framing; Siding; Finish Carpentry; Roofing; Insulation; Safety; Windows and Doors.

Books and References for the Exam (incl. in your tuition – deduct book costs if you have already)

The following references are permitted to be taken into the examination. These references may be  highlighted. All these materials are included in your tuition. 

 · Carpentry and Building Construction (2016 Ed.)  

 · OSHA (Safety) Code of Federal Regulations Part 1926

 We have One  more reference material for you;

  •  Class Binder (w/ many existing PSI questions)

 > Our tuition includes ALL above material.  The book costs can be deducted from tuition  if you already them.

 > Our guarantee policy extends to two more sessions (or 6 nights) without charge until your pass the test.

 > You will get the ‘Carpentry and Building’ book by mail after your on-line, or over phone payment.

Thank you for your registration.







We need to verify your payment/registration receipt and PSI test result before you can rejoin classes.

Three (3) months for VA/MD Contractors license:

  • We will not charge you any extra fees if you’re within the guaranteed period
  • Access to the Practice Exams
  • Retake the course if you fail the exam within the guaranteed period

You will need to repay partial amount to join classes again after the guaranteed has expired. We can give you a 25% discount from the original price.

We apologize, but there will not NO discounts after 12 months from the initial registration.

Necesitamos verificar su registro y su pago antes de volver a las clases.

Tres (3) meses para la licencia de VA/MD Contratista de su registro original

  • No le cobraremos ningún costo adicional
  • Acceso a los exámenes prácticos
  • Retomar las clases si de algún caso falla el examen

Es posible que necesite que volver a pagar una parte del precio. Le quitaremos el 25% del precio original.

Pedimos disculpas, pero no habrá descuentos después de 12 meses de su primer registro.

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