Since 1999, we have helped more than 4,800 clients become licensed in Virginia and Maryland. AceTech’s Exam Prep Service offers contractor’s license exam preparation, educational seminars, and reference materials.

There are many contractor exam preparation schools and institutes advertised on the web. Many are West coast companies with no physical offices or classrooms in our area.  You may get som help for the test, but still far from real exam contents.

Our Guaranteed Package Course has been proclaimed by many of our successful clients to be the best time-saving short cut to become a licensed Class-A contractor.

The Package Course covers both “VA mandatory 8-hour Prelicense class” and “Guaranteed Class-A Exam Prep Course”  through a total of 20 classroom hours (for the 3 parts of PSI test).

* Ace Tech may pay your exam re-taking fees (for up to two retakes, maximum $170.00) if you fail your State Contractors Exam.

To qualify for this;

  • Take the full VA Licensing Package course (minimum 4 nights).
  • Pass a basic English Vocabulary Test prepared by Millennium
  • Take the PSI exam as soon as possible after taking the course. Our guarantee covers two(2) months, from course completion date.