//VA Residential Building Contractor Course-Home Study

VA Residential Building Contractor Course-Home Study




This on-line home study exam preparation for VA Residential Building Contractor (RBC)  was created to help those exam candidates who are familiar with the topics of the contractor license exam but live outside of the 50 mile radius of our Tysons Corner office.  We believe the in-classroom study is the best way to prepare for the exam, however, if it is difficult for you to attend the in-class course, this is the second choice.  By taking this home study course, you will do most of the exam preparation at home, then, visit our office only once to practice the exam questions before taking the actual PSI exam.  


Upon your registration, you will:

     1.  Highlight all of the related materials page by page according to our on-line instructions at home  – this is the most time consuming part of the exam prep and constitutes 2/3 of the exam prep.

     2.  Visit our office one-day (or 8 hours) to review all the PSI exam contents.   Then take the PSI exam.

If you plan to visit us twice or more before the PSI testing, just let us know in advance.

Since 1999, we have helped more than 5,800 clients become licensed in Virginia and Maryland. Ace Tech’s Exam Prep Service offers contractor’s license exam preparation, educational seminars, and reference materials.

There are many contractor exam preparation schools and institutes advertised on the web. Many are West coast companies with no physical offices or classrooms in our area.  You may get some help for the test, but still far from real exam contents.

Our Guaranteed Courses has been proclaimed by many of our successful clients to be the best time-saving short cut to become a licensed Class-A contractor.


Course fee is now only $499.


**PSI questions review time is  offered at free of charge after completion of the course.  This is to help you pass the PSI exam at first try.

Course Fee: now $499 (includes all materials to pass the PSI test. No additional charge until you pass the test, based on our Guarantee policy, for 2 months after the course completion date).

Please note:  Expect to pay the PSI testing fee ($85 for Class-A) while scheduling the PSI test.

♦ For the PSI exam location information, please click here;   


Course Materials (provided): PSI text book, Copy of Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC), Reference binder w/ copies of all calculation questions and solutions).

You will receive class material packet by USPS mail after your registration and payment (min. 2 weeks in advance).

Note: Please don’t expect this exam text-book to cover all of the all PSI questions – The textbook covers only about 75-85% of the exam.  We cover the rest of the exam questions that come  from previous editions and other source of materials.

Please email us at  contactUS@contractVA.com if you have any questions.