VA LSC (Landscaping Service Contracting) Exam Prep – Restart        Hold until COVID-19 settled…
We are selling the package of the LSC exam test material (2 textbooks, plus class binder – includes PSI questions) for $235.
You may like to pay additional $240 – when we open the class (3 nights) to join, while we don’t have the dates.

To be licensed for the VA landscape contractor, you must pass the LSC exam administered by the PSI in order to confirm that you have attained at least a minimum level of knowledge regarding the principles, practices, statutes, and regulations on landscaping services.

Landscaping Contractors provide alteration and improvement services to land areas. This includes services like excavation, clearing, grading, construction of retaining walls for landscaping purposes, or placement of landscaping timbers. Landscaping Contractors may also remove stumps and roots below grade (CBC, RBC, and H/H classifications are also eligible for providing this function).

Our monthly course is held at our Tysons location:

         Late Spring  for 3 nights (6-9 pm). 

         Course Fee: $475 (includes 2 textbooks w/ class binder)

​Course Texts: 

1. Pipe and Excavation Contracting (2011)     2. Excavation and Grading Handbook (2006)

– both books and a class binder included in your tuition.
Requirements for Obtaining Your License:

You must pass the VA LSC Exam to apply for the LSC classification.   Passing this exam is required for Virginia Class A, B, or C license.

Exam Details:

The test taker will have 120 minutes to complete 50 questions.     You will need to pass with a 70% or higher (35 questions) in order to pass.

The tests will cost $85 (to PSI)

Please note that this fee is separate from your Class A/B/C license application.

Topics covered on the exam include the following: planning and estimating, excavation, grading, compaction, drainage, soils, vegetation removal, retaining walls, and safety.

Our guarantee policy extends to two more sessions (total 3 months) without charge until you pass the test.

Thank you for your registration!