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Upcoming May Classes for Contractors and Tradesmen

May Classes for Contractors and Tradesmen

Please check below all our classes offered at Ace Tech Institute for contractors and tradesmen. Once you register, you will receive all the class materials by mail, and we guarantee a 6-month enrollment period in which you can join your class anytime you want. Due to COVID-19, we offer more options to ease the effects of the event. Also, we have spacious classrooms for up to 9 sittings for social distancing.

MD Home Improvement Contractor (MHIC) 6-Hour Exam Prep

VA Class A/B Business Exam Prep

Location / Dates: 2-Friday online class from Apr. 30th

Home improvement work is any alteration, remodeling, repair or replacement of a building or part of a building used as a residence, including individual condominium units. Maryland Home Improvement Contractor (MHIC) exam is currently based on the 6th edition of the textbook w/ many changes and it is an open-book test with 55 questions to answer in 150 minutes. To pass the exam, 70% of the questions (39 questions) must be answered correctly and Ace Tech with clients’ exam pass rate of over 90% for the past 15 years can help you. We have weekly and monthly Maryland Home Improvement Contractor (MHIC) classes at Tysons Corner, VA.

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Location / Dates: 5-night online class from May 4th

Our Guaranteed Package Course has been proclaimed by many of our successful clients to be the best time-saving shortcut to become a licensed contractor and tradesman qualifications. The Package Course covers both “VA mandatory 8-hour Pre-license class” and “Class-A Exam Prep Course” through a total of 15 hours (for the 3 parts of PSI test).
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HVAC/EPA CFC Certification Prep & Exam – 9 Hour Online Prep + Test (combined)

Blueprint Reading and BLD Code Basics Course

Location / Dates: 3-night online class from May 6th

For Core, Type I, Type II, Type III, and Universal (all three types).

To become certified, you must pass a written or oral test consisting of multiple-choice questions. There are four sections to the test. The first is the Core, which must be passed, along with at least one of the three other sections. For heating, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians, the EPA has three levels of certification:

  • Type I  Small Appliances
  • Type II  High Pressure Appliances
  • Type III Low Pressure Appliances

Proof of certification is required to purchase refrigerants covered by Section 608 regulations.

Instructor (and exam Proctor): Mr. Todd Wise

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Location / Dates: Online class Every Monday and Thursday from May 10th

Do you want the ability to read and understand construction drawings and Specifications? Or do you want to understand the Codes in Residential and Commercial projects clearly? Then, you will benefit from our six-nights of basic mastery class demonstration; (flexible depending on student’s interest)

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Expedited Plumbing Exam Prep VA/MD

Expedited VA RBC (Residential Building Contractor) Specialty Exam Prep

Location / Dates: Tysons Corner / 3-night class starting from May 11th

This course is designed for those who want to study the plumbing code and/or prepare for the Virginia (and Maryland) state licensing examination. All you have to do is attend just 6 nights of classroom instructions (18 hours) Guaranteed! You can keep coming to our classes for 6 months free of charge until you pass the PSI exam. Learn Valuable Exam Passing Skills from Mechanical Instructor, Mr. Todd Wise who has taught more than 25 years, with good experience.

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Location / Dates: 2-day expedited class from May 12th (1-6:30pm)

To be LICENSED as Virginia RBC (Residential Building Contractor), you must pass the RBC Part administered by PSI to confirm that you have attained at least a minimum level of knowledge regarding the principles, practices, statutes, and regulations on Building technology.

This type of contractor includes construction on real property owned, controlled, or leased by another person of commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, residential (single- family, two-family, or multi-family) and accessory use buildings or structures. This license also allows remodeling, repair, improvement, or demolition of these buildings & structures.

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VA CBC (Commercial Building Contractor) Specialty Exam Prep

HVAC Master/Journeyman Exam Prep VA/MD

Location / Dates: online class from May 14th (6-9pm)

VA DPOR Regulatory Changes effective Jan. 1, 2016 Building Contractor (BLD) classification has been removed and replaced with Residential Building Contractor (RBC) and Commercial Building Contractor (CBC). Commercial Building Contractors (CBC): Individuals whose contracts include “construction, remodeling, repair, improvement, removal, or demolition on real property owned, controlled, or leased by another person of commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, and accessory use buildings or structures”. Seats are limited, so early registration is encouraged to guarantee your seat.

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Location / Dates: Tysons Corner / 4-day expedited class from May 15th (1-5:15pm)

This course is designed for those who want to study the mechanical code and/or prepare for the Virginia (and Maryland) state licensing examination. Topics covered include administration, definitions, general regulations, ventilation, exhaust systems, duct systems, combustion air, chimneys/vents, specific appliances, fireplaces, solid fuel burning equipment, boilers, water heaters, pressure vessels, refrigeration, hydraulic piping, fuel oil piping, fuel oil storage, solar systems, and referenced standards. Our instructors have extensive experience as well as teaching Journeyman/ Master HVAC licensing.

The Fast-Track Master/Journeyman Course consists of 21 classroom hours to help you pass your PSI Exam. 
Our Guarantee Policy – You can keep coming to our classes for 6 months free of charge until you pass the PSI Exam.

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